Introduction to the Oklahoma Workshop

This workshop is designed for tribal programs addressing nonpoint source (NPS) issues under Clean Water Act Section 319 and for those currently seeking eligibility under Section 319. EPA's objective for the workshop series is to assist tribes in gaining funding to pursue NPS projects and to integrate these projects into an overall watershed-based planning framework.

The workshop covers the basics of the Section 319 grant program, including applying for Treatment as a State (TAS), writing the assessment report and management program plan, and meeting eligibility requirements. There is a focus on developing watershed-based plans to address NPS pollution problems and to achieve on-the-ground water quality improvements.

The workshop includes:

  • Review of basic water quality concepts and NPS pollution management
  • NPS best management practices (BMPs) and management measures
  • Meeting basic Section 319 eligibility requirements (including TAS)
  • Development of NPS Assessment Reports and Management Plans
  • Differentiating base grants and competitive grants
  • Development and implementation of watershed-based plans on Tribal lands
  • Online tools for watershed assessment, planning, and management
  • Optional site visit
  • Face-to-face networking time with tribal, federal, and state agency partners